Most shopping portals show off attractive images of clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetics. This product shot significantly attracted public interest. Bright, and beautiful images produce not only web traffic but buy and send thus improve online store performance. One of the most basic aspects of photography is framing and composition. 

Even if someone has the best settings and equipment, aesthetics are equally important. Art elements need to be seriously considered while photographing the product picture. This includes paying attention to aspects such as lines, shapes, colors, textures, tones, shapes, space, and depth. 

After the application of these principles, the image automatically becomes richer. There are also certain fundamental rules to compile that must be followed to produce images that will stand out. You can hire a licensed product photographer in Dubai online at

Some prominent rules include:

Rules of this third: this is a modern version of the average golden rules used by classic visual artists. The frame is divided into 3 columns and 3 lines by drawing 2 the same vertical lines and the same 2 horizontal lines. Subjects and fields of interest are limited accordingly, thus creating a balanced composition.

Other major techniques include the use of a wider aperture to limit a messy background and depth of the field. This is especially true when filming is outdoors. For example, if the product is a coffee mug that set it on the garden table for dramatic tranquility. 

It is recommended to stay focused on the subject and limit depth by making it not focused or by cutting the range. There should always be an interest center or focus on the image. It will also help violate monotonous and pattern, which is not needed in product shots.