3 Helpful Tips For Your Next Business Card Design In Dublin

We recently revisited this important topic on how to design a business card and make it an effective visual marketing tool. 

Below are our top business card design tips from the professionals of business card printing in Dublin.

First and Most Important, Keep it Simple

The more information you have on a card, the harder it is to

  1. Find what you are looking for.

  2. Figure out the best way to reach you.

Limit Your Phone Numbers

Phone numbers, for example, are one way to simplify your card. How do you want your customer to call you? The main office? Your receptionist? Your cell phone? Why not direct all of your calls to one place? It’s a lot easier to determine where to call when you only give them one option. 

Your Physical Address

Do you have a business where you want people dropping in? If not, maybe it’s best to leave that off as well. All of our business is done online, with companies all over the world. Very seldom do we have people who come into our physical offices. So there is no need for us to include our mailing address on our new cards.

Social Media

Social media has created a whole new world for communicating with customers. Letting people know which sites you are on can be important, but consider using the site’s logo icon, rather than spelling out your entire handle. These sites have made it really simple for people to type in your name and find you.