All About Shingle Roof Replacement in Brevard County

In addition to the beautiful appearance of the home, tile roofs have many advantages. Problems like moss and algae don't exist as they can't scrape through tiles as easily as with wooden roofs. Repair of tiles is not so urgent compared to other materials. Tile is difficult to install, so it is easier to repair a damaged tile than to replace the entire roof.

Here are some ways to avoid problems with your shingle tiles:

Repair and replacement of damaged tiles

Tiles can sometimes be cracked or damaged by extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or hail. Improper installation or walking on it can also damage your tiles. When working on a tile roof, work on a roof plank or ladder. If you go straight to the tiles, they will break.

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Garbage cleaning

As with any roofing treatment, you will need to cut down any overhanging trees. It reduces shade and dirt, reduces moss and algae growth, as well as dirt buildup. To reduce moss growth, place the copper wire over the ridge. Water running over the copper reduces the amount of moss that grows underneath.

Match tiles

Adjusting tile on an older roof is a challenging project. Tile suppliers can sometimes maintain a large list of salvaged tiles. This is usually the best option. If you can't find a suitable match, you can take tiles from less visible parts of the roof and fill in the damaged areas.