All You Need To Know About Air Conditioning In Newcastle

They know that air conditioning will make you feel cool. After all, air conditioning is more than just a cooler. This means keeping the temperature and humidity (moisture content) of the air in an enclosed space, be it a room or an entire building, at the correct levels to ensure the comfort of the people inside. 

It also means air circulation and, if necessary, moisture supply.  You can also get information about air conditioning service in Newcastle via

In summer, this means expelling air through cold pipes that collect water from the air, much like water droplets condense on a glass of cold water on a hot, humid day.

In dry climates, the air can be cooled easily. A cooler can be nothing more than a huge fan drawing hot, dry air onto a water-soaked lint pillow. The air cools as the water evaporates.

Air conditioning has many uses and does not just provide us with comfort. Many industries rely on keeping the air in their facilities clean, cool, and with the right humidity. 

How does it work?

AC “does not add to the coolness of the air”. Dissipate heat. Air conditioning works on the same basic principles as a refrigerator, although it is not designed for such low temperatures. 

Heat is extracted from the air by the rapid expansion of the refrigerant (coolant) when it is converted to high pressure by the liquid. The attached illustration shows the AC cycle of a small household.