An Introduction to the Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

If your home is equipped with a sprinkler system you're sure to feel more secure. You'll be able to rest assured that should the possibility of a fire start it will swiftly take action to keep everyone safe by stopping the spread up until firefighters are on the scene. 

Let's look at the different aspects involved in the maintenance of your fire sprinkler system and then take steps to make sure you're doing the work essential.

How Sprinklers work

Let's have a look at how fire sprinklers function. In the films when there is a hint of fire, each of the sprinklers that are on the floor of the building turns off, soaking the entire floor with water. You can visit, and find fire sprinkler companies in UK.

It's not the way it operates, however. Every sprinkler is made to shut off only when the surrounding area is sufficiently hot to melt the link, which blocks any flow of water. 

The Control Valve

Every discussion about maintenance for the fire sprinkler system has to be centered around the valve for control. It's a crucial component of every fire sprinkler system and is also easy to check. There's an opening in your building that has to be open for that water flow to go.