Book for Soldiers Making the Transition into Being Civilians

Anyone who has risked his life, experienced far from home and family, and served with this country's loyalty in the armed forces deserves to be welcomed back to a civil society with open arms. However, many have changed in the world for a soldier between the time he first entered the military and when it was time to return to civil life. You can consider the Book for Soldiers Making at

Former Sergeant Army A.S. Michael Bluemling, Jr. It's been there. He knew what it was to leave the military with a respectable discharge and felt proud to have served his country, only to find he was not fully prepared for civil life. He had written this book, bridging the gap from the soldiers to civilians, to provide a roadmap to other soldiers to succeed when they did the same transition.

Bridging the gap from the army to civilian divided into two parts: "Phase 1: the end of time and service from the military," and "phase 2: personal and professional growth as civilians." I would expect the second part to be in a book, but I don't know how much work involved in getting all your documents is right before you leave the service. 

The first part of this book is specifically broken down into three chapters on "information gathering and data," "get all personal affairs in sequence," and "medical documentation preparation." Bluemling runs the reader through all the documents you need to make sure you have a copy for yourself and that, more importantly, also filed with the military. 

The second part of this book focuses on adjustments to the civilian world once you have left the military. Bluemling makes very good points that the outside world has not stood silent when you are in the military. Many changes have occurred and you need to learn how to adapt to them.