Custom Foam Shipping Case Inserts – The Best Way to Protect Your Equipment

There is a myriad of case makers offering a variety of designs of shipping cases with various sizes and dimensions. Many of these firms provide foam inserts. Some are layered foam which is cubed while some are solid layers of foam. Many would want to convince you they are cubing foam. is a simple method of creating your personal similar foam insert. You can buy the to buy equipment cases with wheels.

If you've ever tried cubed foam or attempted to cut and build your own foam insert, you'll need to admit that the best method of ensuring that your equipment is safe is to employ a professional to make and design your own custom foam piece specifically to fit the piece that you would like to safeguard. Here's the reason.

Telescope Long & Deep Hard Case - Black

The majority of Cube Foam Inserts are made out of 3 to 4 inches thick pieces of foam. In the typical 15" base, there would be between 3 and four" thick pieces, and 1 three" thick cubed foam. If you make your cavities within the 4" layer, it will work great in the event that your product weighs four" thickness or lower. What happens if your objects is said six" thick. The process of picking and plucking foam becomes difficult.

Another issue with cubes is that when your objects are taken out of their cavities, and then pushed back to their cavities time and again, the cube is prone to degrade. The constant pushing and pulling through and out of Cubed Foam cavities cause them degrading into small pieces and pieces of foam may break. The case is now filled with pluck and pick pieces of foam instead of the custom-designed cavities that you had hoped for when you bought the case.