Dry Herb (Weed) Grinders – Everything You Need to Know

In a pinch, nug grinding by hand does the job, but getting the full effect of flower requires a dry herb grinder. Nothing quite compares to the way a weed grinder transforms lush nugs into a cloud-like fluff. 

Although the mechanics work the same, some grinders are better than others. With a little know-how, a reliable grinder can make your cannabis last longer and allow you to experience the wonderful flavors of cannabis flower. 

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What is an herb grinder (crusher) for cannabis?

An herb grinder shreds cannabis nugs into a fine powder. Some people treat the act of grinding weed as a ritual, a pleasurable and intention-setting start to a smoke sesh. 

Evidence of the ritualistic use of cannabis grinders goes back centuries in prehistoric China. Scholars know that tools (such as birch bowls) served as mortars forgrinding cannabis during religious offerings to deceased high-ranking leaders. 

Modern cannabis rituals have since evolved to include mini machines, what we know as weed grinders. People who enjoy smoking from bowls, bongs, bubblers, or hemp papers cherish the way a grinder uses fine-toothed blades to crush weed down to a smokable consistency. 

Dry herb grinders come in different materials. Metal and wood grinders tend to be more popular than plastic models. There are versions with 2-pieces (compartments), 3-tiers, and 4-pieces. 

The main parts consist of a lid and grinding chamber, where you twist the angled blades back and forth into the flower. 3-tiered grinders have holes in the grinder chamber, allowing the herb to fall through to another compartment that makes scooping more convenient. If you want to take it one step further, 4-piece versions filter and collect kief at the very bottom of the grinder. 

Whether you benefit from cannabis for medical or recreational reasons, having this tool can be the difference between an oh-so high and a unique smoke sesh curated to your health needs.