Franna Crane Hire Services For All Lifting Needs

Franna cranes are a good option if there is a long distance between the job sites. There are many sizes of Franna cranes available that can be used for various jobs. A smaller pick-and-carry crane of 11 tonnes should be sufficient for moving small loads such as concrete barriers. You will need something that can lift heavier loads.

Lift height is also an important thing to note when looking to buy or hire a Franna AT15. The boom lift's lift capacity is lower the higher it is. Although cranes have counterweights built-in, it is important to check the crane's lifting capacity at full extension to ensure that it's right for the job.


The Franna cranes can be used for construction and mining, but they are versatile. Franna even built a drag-line version of its cranes to service and maintain monster mining equipment and vehicles.

There are many manufacturers of pick-and-carry cranes such as the Franna. Every manufacturer has a unique design, lift capacities, and boom angles. It's best to research the options or talk with a dealer about which one would work best for you.

Franna cranes are more cost-effective than mobile cranes. These are just three reasons Franna cranes are a good choice.


Franna cranes can be used on multiple project sites. This is what it looks like. The pick-and-carry crane is versatile and can be used to transport a large load. Because of its maneuverability, the Franna can fit into tight places that aren't possible for cranes with stabilizing legs.

Compact Design

Franna cranes do not come with stabilizers or other outriggers. This makes them ideal for projects in areas that are difficult to access. Franna cranes do not have stabilizing legs, which means there is less labor and less time needed to set it up.

You can use them for both small and large projects.

The Franna crane can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The Franna crane can lift small loads for domestic tasks, but it is also capable of lifting large loads. There are many Franna cranes on the market, with lifting capacities ranging from 10-25 tonnes. The Franna crane is suitable for construction and mining projects, including machine installations and sensitive load handling.