Guide on Types of Plumbing Systems in Geelong

One of the most important things to know when looking into becoming a plumber is the type of plumbing system that you need. There are three main types of plumbing systems: drains, water lines, and sewers. 

Drains: A drain system transports wastewater and other liquids, like oil and gas, from one area of the house to another. To install a drain system, a plumber will first have to dig up the floor surface and lay down a trench. The trench will then lead to underground pipes that carry wastewater away from your home.  To know more about plumber in Geelong, you can simply browse the web.

Water Lines: A water line system supplies water to individual rooms in your home. To install a water line system, a plumber will first have to survey your home for leaks and damaged pipelines. He or she will then create an accurate diagram of the pipes and fittings in your home, ensuring that every fixture receives an adequate supply of water. 

Sewers: A sewer system carries wastewater from your home to a disposal site outside the city or town boundaries. To install a sewer system, a plumber will first have to remove all the old sewage lines and sanitary waste pipes in your home. 

What do plumbers do?

A plumber is a tradesman who repairs and installs water and drainage systems. They may also work on gas lines, heating and cooling systems, and other utility systems. A plumber may also be called a “pipefitter” or “plumbing contractor.”