How Does Google Analytics Software Work?

Search engine marketing has now become one of the most important marketing techniques next to viral social media marketing. As the world's largest search engine, Google provides the lion's share of Internet-based website traffic through search engine optimization.

Google has developed powerful analytics & reports software as one of its main products to assist webmasters in their online marketing efforts, although this software is also very powerful and free to use. It works by allowing you to place a tracking code on your website and then analyze the source of the incoming traffic and give you full details of all the ways your website receives traffic.

What Is Google Analytics and How Does It Work (Beginner's Guide)

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This allows you to see the three main components:-

(1) Search engine traffic related to keywords.

(2) Referring Sites – These are websites where people find your site by clicking on a text link or banner located on the source site.

(3) Direct Traffic – This refers to people who come to your website by typing your website address in a browser.

These are the three main sources of traffic areas, you can build traffic and popularity by exchanging links with other established sites that already have a lot of traffic, and you will see an increase in referral sites with more potential inbound traffic. 

These links that drive traffic to your site are known as backlinks and by increasing the number of links and the quality of the sites you link to, they increase your overall page rank and enable your site to reach the top of the site.