How Low Flow Toilets Are Reliable?

Occasionally, the time to install a new toilet is called for. When deciding what kind to install, there are a few items to consider. While a wide variety of toilet flows were available in and around the 1960s, low flow toilets are pretty standard today.

The purpose of these high efficiency toilets via Water Matrix is to reduce the amount of water used per flush. Instead of more than eight gallons being used per flush, low flow toilets use a mere two gallons.

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Obviously, this means the first benefit of this kind of toilet is that it conserves water. This leads to financial savings for you and a positive environmental impact as well. Then, there is the fact that low flow toilets have a smaller tank since they need to hold less water. This results in a smaller, more attractive appearance.

Some people still have a problem with the switch society has made to low flow toilets. They argue that the number of times their toilets become clogged is directly tied to the fact that less water is being used. This is quite true, and constitutes the only drawback to low flow toilets.

However, newer toilet models today come with a dual flush feature. This allows the user to decide how much water and power is needed to remove the waste. A short flush using not even one gallon of water is used when one button is pushed. The other button, called a long flush, uses closer to two gallons for the removal of more waste.