How to Choose a Solar Power Company In Bakersfield

Solar power is a clean and green alternative to conventional electricity from fossil fuels. Even if you're not a tree hunter, you may be interested in the ability of solar energy to wreak havoc on your monthly electricity bill for 30 years or more.

Once you've decided on a hybrid home, choosing the right solar company to install your new solar system on can be the next big hurdle. You can look for the best installer for solar power in Bakersfield via

There are a lot of companies and they all look like professional solar power. How do you choose the best solar company for the job? Here are some important questions to ask a solar company.

To verify a solar company's credentials, be sure to ask:

How long has this solar company been around? A company must have at least 2-5 years of experience installing solar power systems. Find a stable company that will back up its warranties for years to come.

How does he rate customer satisfaction? If you can't easily find out on the company's website (and if the ratings are good, it will be posted everywhere) or through the Better Business Bureau, you should reconsider.

Does the solar company have all the necessary licenses to complete your installation? According to federal law, your solar installer must have a valid state contractor license. 

Who makes solar modules and inverters? Solar panels produce DC energy that needs to be converted into AC power for use in your home, so you need a reliable inverter with good warranties.