Information About Bail Bonds In Los Angeles, California

The bail bond process and bail bonds are consistent with those established by the Los Angeles California Department of Insurance.

Common arrests for minor crimes will result in a different bail bond process depending on where the arrest took place. The bail bonds process is the same. You can also bail bonds in Los Angeles, California via

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However, the wait times to be released will differ depending on whether the arrestee is in a local jail or transferred to county prison. Wait times may vary depending on the number of people in the jail or police station, and the way that the staff is used.

The bail cost and other details will largely remain the same. There are some instances where bail costs and other details may differ depending on the location of the arrest. 

Bail Forms

Citation release: A "cite-out", also known as a citation release, is a very simple form of bail and does not require any financial exchange. It rarely requires a defendant to be taken into custody. An officer issues a citation to an arrestee if there is an official court date. As no financial burden is imposed on the defendant, the appearance of the defendant is up to his or her integrity. 

Surety Bind: This is the basic function of a bail bond company. Bail bonds companies or licensed third parties become the Indemnitor for the suspect's bail amount. This means that they legally assume responsibility for the entire amount. The third party or bail agent charges a fee for their service.