Information about the Plumbing History along with some Interesting Facts

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You must be aware about the fact that every living organism requires water to survive. Water is an essential part for humans, animals, insects and even bacteria. The Indians, Chines, Romans, Persians and Greeks introduced the art of plumbing in the early days. Thanks to the introduction, it gave rise to water portability, crop irrigation, public baths etc. Let’s check some of the additional interesting facts about the history of plumbing.

  1. The concept of hot and cold running water was first understood by the Greeks in the early days. In fact, the Greeks became so good with this concept which later led to the introduction of shower technology. This technology was later introduced at Olympic games.
  2. The initial plumbing pipes was first produced by the use of baked clay and use of straw. Moreover, the Egyptians used copper first to produce plumbing pipes. Additionally, the Egyptians were also the first ones to introduce the concept of digging water wells.
  3. Water channels between mountains and cities was built by the Romans and they were the first ones.
  4. A flushable toilet was gifted to Queen Elizabeth the first by John Harrington. However, many people believe that the queen was known to be terrified of using the toilet due to the water-gushing sound it would make.
  5. Valve-type flush toilet was invented by an individual named J.F Brondel which was later unlocked in 1738 for the public.
  6. The first modern toilet was patented by Alexander Cumming in the year of 1775.

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