Jumping Rope Routine For Cardio

Our favorite form of cardio is jumping rope. Jumping rope burns more calories per minute than just about any other form of cardio exercise. If you've never tried it before you are really missing out. Take some time to get your rhythm down as well as to build up enough stamina to be able to do it for more than a few minutes at a time.

But they are definitely are a great way to get in a fun, challenging, and intense workout. You can look for the various type of juming ropes via https://roju.app/.

To get started, you'll want to make sure you are using the proper jump rope length, otherwise if the rope is too long or too short, you'll constantly be tripping yourself up and get frustrated quickly. It's easy to determine the proper rope length. Simply step into the middle of the rope with either foot and pull the handles up towards your armpits.

You want the rope ends to stop right at your armpits, if they do not reach your armpits the rope is too short, likewise if they extend past your armpits the rope is too long. There are also a number of different kinds of ropes as well, speed ropes, beaded ropes, leather ropes and ropes with weighted handles.

Once you choose your rope you'll want to start performing some jump rope workouts. We recommend starting slow and overtime building up your endurance and skill so that you can really get in the zone. Before we get started with the jump rope moves you should learn first, we want to briefly remind you of the benefits you get from jumping rope.