Reasons You Should Consult a Neck Pain Specialist In chicago

Neck pain is a common problem that can lead to severe chronic pain. It's often associated with headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, and tingling in the extremities.

According to a study, two out of three people experience neck problems at some point in their life, making it the second most common form of pain in the country after back pain, in such a situation you can consult the best neck pain doctor in Chicago at

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It usually starts at a point and usually goes away within a few hours or days with conservative home care. However, in some cases, the pain radiates to other parts of the body and its duration can vary from a few weeks to months.

This could be an indication of a serious problem that a throat specialist needs to assess and treat. Here are common reasons to see a throat specialist.

(1) Stinger or burner

Stings or burns are common sports injuries that occur when a person suddenly moves their neck in an unusual way. This occurs when the spinal cord is compressed due to the forced movement of the head towards the opposite shoulder.

(2) Stiff neck:

Neck stiffness is a common condition that occurs when a person holds their neck in an unusual position for a long time. This type of pain is common among excessive computer users.

In most cases, the stiffness in the neck gradually improves and disappears within a week. However, the intensity of pain, recovery time and likelihood of relapse depend on how you manage and treat symptoms of a stiff neck.

 (4) neck cramps:

Neck cramps are another common acute neck disorder that occurs when a person's neck muscles involuntarily contract.

Symptoms of neck pain can be mild to severe and limit your range of motion so you can't do your daily activities.