Rehabilitation In North York- Advantages

When you have suffered an injury or struggle with chronic pain, most doctors just want to prescribe pain pills to treat the symptoms. However, this can lead to several other problems, most notably dependence, and addiction. 

Rehabilitation takes a different approach: it seeks to resolve the problems at their roots. In this context, rehabilitation means resolving the cause of your pain. The advantage of this physical therapy regimen is that you permanently treat the problems, rather than just addressing their symptoms. Let's discuss the top benefits of first-rate rehabilitation in North York

7 Types of Rehabilitation Therapy

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Decrease pain

One of the best benefits of rehabilitation or physical therapy is that it can dramatically decrease your pain. It will continue to decrease your pain the more you do the exercises, even if it hurts at first. If you are taking pain medication to deal with your pain, rehabilitation can help you reach the point that you need medication less often or not at all.


One key goal of rehabilitation is to help you get stronger. Strengthening your muscles can be challenging at first, but it ultimately helps to prevent pain and speed recovery from injuries. More importantly, we show you how to do it the right way to avoid the risk of causing further pain or injury.

Improve range of motion

One of the things that happen when we are injured or in chronic pain is that our range of motion decreases. Physical therapy helps you to safely increase your range of motion, which also has the added benefit of decreasing your pain.

Increase flexibility

You can increase flexibility in more ways than just doing yoga, although yoga never hurts. Rehabilitation exercises include ones that are focused on increasing your flexibility. This allows your body to move more freely.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a major contributor to pain. It most often appears as swelling, although you can still have inflammation without such swelling. Physical therapy reduces this inflammation, which also reduces your pain.