Steps To Lawn Maintenance

When looking at yard maintenance there are few important measures to take. These steps will help make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. When mowing grass one needs to keep in mind that the grass should be no more than 7.62 cm high.

During several seasons you might be asked to be more active on your yard upkeep than in other seasons. For instance springtime, your grass may grow faster than in the summertime. You can have maintenance services through paragon lawn and landscape online whenever required.

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It's very important to aerate your yard during the autumn and spring periods. When you aerate the earth you're making it a much better quality of the soil. This will also help reduce soil compaction.

Lawn care can be difficult but when considering skipping a step you will see the terrible effect it can have on your yard. Aerate the lawn enables the grass to absorb water and nutrients better as well as helps to get rid of thatch build-up.

The best time to feed grass to keep it healthy is in the spring and the autumn. When trying to attain the highest lawn maintenance that you wish to use a fertilizer that has a slow-release for it. This will allow your lawn to remain greener for longer.

During the summertime, you may wish to check your soil. The way to check your soil for grubs is to choose a 0.09 square measure section of grass and lift it with a scoop or shovel and count the number of insects that are below. When counting the pests five or more would imply that you ought to treat your lawn with grub therapy.