The Advantages of Self-Publishing

While self-publishing has traditionally been stigmatized, the benefits of being able to self-publish have many advantages for some writers. You can consider the services of self-publishing books at

Advantage 1: Self-publishing allows you to make more profit than each book sold. If you already have a channel to sell your book, self-publishing can make the writing/publishing process more profitable than publishing your book traditionally. Writers who speak frequently at conferences.

Advantage 2: Self-publishing gives you complete control over your editing and design. If you want to use your book to put a label on yourself or your business, you can use your cover in a way that traditional publishers might not even consider. 

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Advantage 3: Self-publishing allows you to set a timeline. If your book is related to an ongoing or upcoming event, you can tap on your schedule to make sure you have printed a copy of your book while the event is taking place. 

Advantage 4: If you publish yourself, you keep all copyright. If your print book isn't selling as expected, or you really want to share it as a video or e-book, stick with a traditional publisher. Your consent may prohibit you from using your content in any way without it. 

Of course, being a self-publisher also has its difficulties. To self-publish a professional-looking book, you'll need at least some initial financial outlay, and if the book doesn't sell well, it's nobody else's fault but yourself.