Things That Should Be Consider When Purchasing 3MMC Powder

3-MMC (also called "Poes" or "3 m") is mostly sold as white powder-like crystals. It is so short that it is also called a designer drug or a new psychoactive substance (NPS). 

3-MMC is very similar to 4-MMC ("Mephedrone" or "Meow"). This does not mean that the effects and risks are the same. You can also purchase 3MMC powder via

3-MMC Powder

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How many people use 3-MMC?

It has not been studied how many people in the Netherlands use 3-MMC. However, there are signs that consumption is increasing and poisoning is becoming more common. 

Surprisingly, signals of increased usage often come from the same region. This suggests that consumption is less widespread and consumers often come from the same location.

Studies show that there is clear evidence of increased use of 3-MMC. 1 In 2020, 8.9% of partygoers surveyed said they had used 3-MMC in the previous year. Lifetime use (11%) is close to that. This is an indication that most recent users are using 3-MMC for the first time.

The 3-MMC powder is a research chemical also known as 3-methylmethicatinone. The 3-MMC powder is very similar to 4-MMC, only 3-MMC has fewer side effects. Since 3-MMC has only recently hit the market, little information is known about it.

Chemical composition 3 MMC

3-MMC or 3-methylmethicatinone consists of a substituted cathinone molecule, a subcategory of amphetamine.

3-MMC (3-Methylmethicatinone) and other cathinones are -keto-amphetamines, they differ in their substitution with ketones on the beta-carbon element of their amphetamine structure.

3-MMC "3 methylmethicatinone" is the legal successor of 4-MMC.