Thinking About A Water Birth For Your Baby?

Parents want their child's arrival to the world to be as easy and as safe as it is. Waterbirth can bring many advantages for the mother and baby throughout every stage of birth. If you are looking for a hospital for Gynecology and obstetrics, then you can also check out PHI Hospital PLODNOST

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The following paragraphs outline a number of advantages in greater depth:

1. For Mothers

Warm water helps ease labor and delivery pains by creating a relaxing and soothing environment, decreasing the level of anxiety. Increased anxiety produces adrenaline which is designed to keep animals safe in a fight or flight scenario. 

The buoyancy helps take the weight off the mother's body, particularly the back and abdomen allowing for more efficient uterine contractions. This also allows the woman to remain in a more upright position conducive to assisting with the delivery, without needing the strength or support to weight-bear.

2. For Baby

Birth can be a very arduous process for the baby; therefore the warm water offers a similar environment to the warm amniotic fluid that your baby has been used to for the past nine months.

Waterbirth can be a beautiful experience for mothers, couples, and they are expectant newborns. Mothers experience both physical and mental relief during labor, which creates a natural and peaceful environment/experience for their newborn babies.

Having responsibility for birthing handed back to the birthing couple is a very empowering opportunity!