Understand Australian Business Visa Requirements

Australia is one of the most rapidly emerging economies in the world. The Land of Kangaroos offers enormous opportunities for both professionals and entrepreneurs. Many people move to Australia in search of lucrative business ventures. In orer to have an easy business migration to Australia you must have a business visa to participate in this emerging economy. 

australia business migration requirement

There are two types of business visa applicants: Provisional Business Skills and Migrant Business Talent. Each has its own set of conditions. Each group of applicants must sign a statement agreeing that they will meet certain requirements for their visa.  This include:

  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), must be notified by applicants about their current address within six months of entering the country.

  • The applicant must inform the DIAC within 28 days of any frequent changes to the residential address.

These are the requirements for Provisional Business Visa applicants.

  • A significant ownership stake in a country-wide venture

  • Active participation at a higher level in routine business activities

  • Continuous efforts to maintain the mentioned position.

  • Holders of Business Talent Visas must meet these criteria within three years after arriving in the country. Visa cancellation may occur if the conditions aren't met. Investor Visa holders are required to keep their investment for a minimum of five years. Visa cancellation may result if you do not comply with these conditions.

The provisional Business Innovation Visa is for successful business innovators and business owners who intend to enter business in Australia and contribute to the growth of the Australian economy. The main objective is to maximise the number of business migrants successfully engaging in business in Australia and to achieve better dispersal of the business migration intake to enable regional and low growth areas of Australia to attract business persons they need to promote regional economic development and growth.