Understanding The Benefits Of Resilience Training

Resilience is defined as "the ability to function successfully, to recover from adversity and to grow with future challenges". Structured processes help us to understand and control employee reactions to stress in the workplace and thereby build the team and individual resilience. People can also join resilience training programs to be more resilient.

We believe that a healthy and sustainable workforce is a key factor in a performance culture. Our process helps companies understand where their teams start and what they can do to build resilience and achieve healthy, high yields. You can also look for the resilience coaching in Canberra through various online sites.

Training With Online Training

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Pressure is a feature of modern life and never more so in the workplace. Organizations expect a lot from their employees: continuous improvement, high commitment, loyalty, and creativity. Outside of work, it doesn't get any easier, as most employees combine the demands of their job with family roles, responsibilities, and external commitments. Pressure comes from everywhere.

The pressure itself isn't bad. In fact, pressure can be a source of personal growth and satisfaction if it is aligned with the coping strategies people develop to achieve it.

Problems only arise when the pressure exceeds our resistance. When the pressure we feel exceeds our ability to deal with it, we become stressed. Efficiency and pressure are directly related, and these are potential problems and opportunities.

The relationship between stress and coping is very interesting – the combination of these factors directly affects the level of performance and contribution our team can make. 

Whether combined positively or negatively, the consequences for satisfaction, contribution, commitment, creativity, and attendance are considerable.