Using Dog Leash Training to Control Your Pooch

Many pet owners don't use leashes for a variety of reasons: "My dog stays right next to me." "He pulls the leash too much." "My dog wants to explore on his own terms." "I feel like a leash restricts my dog, and I don't believe in that." However, to protect your dog, you must control your pet. Your dog needs to know this too to make sure he knows who's boss.

And once you teach your dog not to pull on a leash or engage in other annoying behavior, you'll realize how great dog leash training can be. A dog that doesn't have any boundaries, such as a leash and an owner, doesn't realize that others have boundaries that he is required to respect. Proper dog leash training will show your pet what is expected of him at all times, no matter what is thrown at him.  You can shop for a quality leash for dog training via

You cannot control if another dog attacks your pet, runs out into traffic, gets distracted by a wild animal, or is so excited that he's not paying attention to his surroundings if your dog is unleashed. But with some dog leash training and a few commands he recognizes, you'll have the utmost control in almost any situation.

Essentially, you are teaching your dog respect with a leash. And this training requires frequent, consistent, and appropriately timed positive reinforcement. Without a leash, this is pretty difficult. If your dog, for instance, doesn't respond well to the command, 'Come', then using a leash can help with this skill tremendously. Try it the next time you go for a walk.