What Are The Procedures Covered Under Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry includes all types of dental replacement such as broken teeth, crowns, dental bridges, and dentures, and cosmetic dentistry as the name implies is dentistry that makes your smile look better. Sometimes teeth can get damaged and broken. This can happen for a number of reasons, but it definitely doesn't look good, especially if it's a front tooth. 

If a tooth is badly damaged, it can break easily and need to be restored. Dental crowns can be made to restore a broken tooth to its natural appearance and effectiveness. You can get the best restorative dentistry services in Tacoma using various online sources.

A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth, but you should wait about three months before placing a bridge because after removing a damaged tooth, the gums will shrink and if the bridge is placed too early, black lines can appear.

Another form of restorative dentistry is replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings. If you look up and laugh, amalgam fillings can look ugly, but if you replace them with white fillings, no one will know you have a filling.

Another type of restorative dentistry is porcelain veneers. You may wonder why celebrities and movie stars have such beautiful white teeth and smiles, and in many cases, this is because they have been decorated with porcelain veneers. Their teeth are no better than yours, but now you can have a smile that looks just as good as theirs with restorative dentistry services.