What Exactly Is a Green Card Visa?

A green card visa, which is issued by the United States to immigrants to allow them to work and live in the United States permanently, is known as the United States Permanent Resident Card. Informally, they are known as green cards. They were green between 1946 and 1964. Recently they have been made green again. 

They allow foreign nationals to be a part of the American dream and are issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There are many ways to obtain a green card. You can also hire reliable citizenship lawyers in Phoenix from Milovic Law Firm.

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You can also apply for the Eb5 Visa Program and create at least ten new jobs in the United States. This Immigrant Investor Visa allows foreign nationals to obtain permanent U.S. residence with their partner and unmarried children. You may also be eligible for a visa through the Diversity Lottery or refugee or asylum status.

An immigrant must apply for a Green Card Visa through a qualified relative or employer to be eligible. There is a limit to the number of visas that are available each year and some countries have additional restrictions. If the immigrant is not accompanied by a U.S. citizen or immediate family member, it can take several years to get an immigration visa number. 

After a visa number has been issued, an applicant can change their status to permanent resident. A conditional permanent residence is granted to those who are eligible for a green card visa for investment or marriage. This applies for up to two years. The applicant must file a request to remove the conditions after the two-year probation period ends.