What Things You should Consider While Purchasing Alocasia Houseplant

Alocasia which is often referred to as elephant's ears It has huge, gorgeously marked leaves. Although it's a large plant, it's still elegant and stylish due to the long straight stems that sprout from the corm.

The stems aren't always plain, but also be decorated with tiger stripes and the leaves are equally impressive. You can also browse for more information about Alocasia Plant.

alocasia regal shield

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There's a plant with leaves that look like African masks. Another that has sharp edges on the leaf and another called the skeleton plants because the veins of the leaves are clearly defined. The blooming (in the shape of spikes) is not very impressive on this plant. The value of decorative features is primarily in the stunning foliage.

What should you look for when purchasing Alocasia

When purchasing Alocasia Take a look at the pot's size as well as the density and diameter of the plants. 

The leaves that are visible must be large enough, while the stem and leaf marks must be clearly visible. 

Alocasia may have smaller or a more transparent growth pattern.

The plant must be free of any pests or diseases.

The damaged leaves are typically due to mistakes made in the process of shipping or storage. The Alocasia plant is highly sensitive to cold temperatures. The plant can develop spots on its leaves when it is exposed to temperatures that are below 12-15 degrees Celsius.