Why You Should Use Motion Graphics For Your Brand

Marketers have made Motion Graphics a standard method of explaining concepts (commonly called "explainer videos"). Presentations are the most popular type of video (65%), followed closely by ads (57%), explainers (47%), and so on.


Motion design can be shared, which creates organic growth for any marketing campaign. Your animation can "go viral" if it is entertaining enough to merit a retweet and share on social media.

Professional animators can help you create something that is easy to share, for example, if your explanation is too dry or scientific. You can go to their websites and see how professionally designed motion graphic videos can help your brand grow.  YouTube makes embedding videos easy. It's easy to embed content on social media or in another blog.


A 2020 survey of 500 marketers found that 93% of brands gained new customers through a video posted on social media. It is easy to get your brand or product in front of new customers online because so much of the world is online. Many younger customers don't want pages of information.

These videos are very effective. You can tell your audience who you are in just seconds. Although brand awareness can be difficult to measure, it is essential for both new and established companies. You can show your customer that you are a dynamic company by putting your brand front and center in an innovative way.